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  1. Whether you want to list your home in a week or a year, we’re DEVOTED from start to finish. We create a custom timeline to make your home stand out and to maximize your profit.

  2. Your home has a distinctive narrative that we capture it through professional photos, videos and expert staging. We strive to execute INNOVATIVE ways to advertise your home.

  3. Even though this is a seller's market we treat our listings as if we are listing in a buyers market. This FORWARD-THINKING approach puts us ahead of the competition.

  4. We crunch the numbers and develop a FACT-FOCUSED, hyperlocal analysis to give you the best list price recommendations.

  5. Whether nearby homes have been recently sold or are under contract, we’re EDUCATED on the market happenings around your home. From agent calls to home tours, we know the competition in-and-out.

  6. Once your home is listed, we are RIGOUROUS about keeping you informed. With a close eye on listing metrics, we send you a detailed listing report weekly.

  7. We ask for remarks from clients, agents and potential buyers in order to consistently improve. This EGOLESS approach provides feedback that is essential to success.

  8. We follow up. We make sure that if anyone has questions about the home that we get the answers. If they are interested in the home we do everything we can to turn that interest into offers. Our work is NON-STOP until the deal is DONE.


Abell to Sell is proud to produce unparalleled marketing and advertising efforts that set us apart from your run-of-the-mill team. In addition to a combined X years of real estate experience, we employ a diverse creative team of experts in advertising, graphic design, public relations, publishing and social media to maximize exposure for our clients.

  • Custom Brochures

  • Presentations

  • Newsletters

  • Professionally Written Listing Descriptions

  • Press Releases

  • Social Media
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43% Internet- We know how to work the algorithms- all of our  listings automatically feed to Zillow and Trulia, along with, Redfin,, the Wall Street Journal,, Homeseekers, and more. So when you list your property with us, you can be assured that your home will receive the most exposure to the right audience. We take social media seriously, it is a great way to get exposure online.

33% Real Estate Agent- We make sure our MLS entry is perfect every time making sure that we will be easy to find and the agent want to show it to their clients. We have a broker tour before we list your home. We send out an email blast to agents that are active in your area.


24% Yard Sign, Open House, Neighbors, Friends & Other - We hold a open house 12-3 on the first Saturday that the home is on the market. We send out postcards to the neighborhood and invite them to the open house. We always use a large and classy yard sign.


Staging a home is an important step in the selling process for many homes. With a fresh look plus strategic placement of furniture and decor, a staged home can attract more buyers and often times generate a quicker sale and higher sales price. Your broker can guide you through the process to see what type of staging fits your home best, from minor touch-ups or new coats of paint to more in-depth construction projects. Your broker’s expertise and experience in this area allow them to offer tips, strategies, and staging company recommendations to help you to get the best price for your home. 


5 Tips for Pricing Your Home to Sell:

  1. The Right Agent Advantage- When choosing a listing agent, don’t always go for the one who gives you the highest property price. Though more cash in your pocket at the end of the transaction is everyone’s goal, it could end up costing you time, money and several agents if the price isn’t based on actual comparable market data.

  2. Macro and Micro Market  - Pricing strategies can vary dramatically depending on the condition of the house, price point,  location and the time of the year. When we look at pricing your home we look at the market from a national level down to your block. with all of these variables in mind and will advise you on the best strategy.   

  3. High Pricing Might Frighten the Herd - The first days of a new listing have the best shot at attracting the highest offers. If your home is priced properly, you can take advantage of a packed open house and high interest.

  4. Create a Contingency Plan - Before your “For Sale” sign goes up, have a discussion with your agent about a plan in case your home doesn’t go for the desired price. This saves time and manages expectations for both the seller and the agent.

  5. Pricing is an Ongoing Discussion  - Pricing a home isn’t a one and done situation. If you can be flexible and react to changing market conditions or new information, you’re most likely to get the best price and the least amount of frustration.